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Visual Basic Tutorial Part 5 IT Career Partner For Life. Please Bookmark It.
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30. How does the following statements work? On Error
Resume Next

control switches to next executable statement
31 .How does the following statements work? On Error
Goto 0

---control switches to same statement again
32 .What will happen if you issue a Resume statement
after handling an error?

control switches to same statement again

34. Sequence of events when a form is loaded in VB?

Load .Active, Paint

36.Difference between Modal and Modaless forms?

Visual Basic Concepts
How Modal and Modeless Forms Behave Out of Process

As mentioned in "Showing Forms from the CoffeeManager
Class," modal and modeless forms displayed by an
out-of-process component have a different relationship
to a client application's forms than they would if
displayed by an in-process component. Running
CoffeeWatch will demonstrate this.
Note This topic is part of a series that walks you
through creating a sample ActiveX EXE. It begins with
the topic Creating an ActiveX EXE Component.
To demonstrate modal and modeless form behavior with
the out-of-process Coffee component
Press F5 to run the CoffeeWatch test program.
Click Show Modal Form to display a modal form from
the Coffee component.

Depending on your system configuration, the order
programs were started, and so on, the modal form may
come up in front of CoffeeWatch -- or you may see
something like this:
TestForm is not really modal with respect to the
CoffeeWatch form. To see this, click anywhere on the
CoffeeWatch form. The Component Request Pending dialog
box appears, as shown here:
The dialog box appears because CoffeeWatch is waiting
on its call to CoffeeMonitor.ShowForm, which is
waiting on the modal TestForm. However, if TestForm
were truly modal with respect to Form1, clicking on
Form1 would generate a syst
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