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Visual Basic Tutorial Part 1 IT Career Partner For Life. Please Bookmark It.
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1. Text1.color ------ is a property (Mostly to

change the appearance )
2. Text1.text ------- is Method (Mostly to set
values which r not graphical)

3. button 1. Click -- is event (Event is
the result of user interaction with application)
6. What is a variant data type and when would you use

Variant will store all the different possible VB
data received at one place
7. Why is it not good to use a variant data type?
Using variant rather than a specific data type is
slower because of conversions needed and takes up
more memory because additional over head
8. What is the difference between a Dynaset and
Snapshot and how would you create one? (we dont use
snapshot in VB5+)
A dynaset-type Recordset object is a dynamic set of
records that can contain fields from one or more
tables or queries in a database and may be updatable.
In an ODBCDirect database, a dynaset-type Recordset
object corresponds to an ODBC keyset cursor.
A dynaset-type Recordset object is a type of Recordset
object you can use to manipulate data in an underlying
database table or tables.
It differs from a snapshot-type Recordset object
because the dynaset stores only the primary key for
each record, instead of actual data. As a result, a
dynaset is updated with changes made to the source
data, while the snapshot is not. Like the table-type
Recordset object, a dynaset retrieves the full record
only when it's needed for editing or display purposes.

A snapshot-type Recordset object is a static set of
records that you can use to examine data in an
underlying table or tables. In an ODBCDirect database,
a snapshot-type Recordset object corresponds to a
static cursor.
To create a snapshot-type Recordset object, use the
OpenRecordset method on an open database, on another
dynaset- or snapshot-type Recordset object, or on a
QueryDef object.
10.How would you define and use a Boolean in VB?
(Integer in VB3 Boolean in VB6+)

Dim [Private][Public] x as Boolean

Default is false
11. What is the difference between Dim nCount as
Integer vs Dim nCount% and when would you use each?

No difference
12.What is the difference between <F8> and <Shift-F8>
when debugging?

F8- will take u through all the executable

<SHIFT> f8 will skip the calls to subroutines
13.What is the statement to extract 4 characters from
the middle of a string?
Mid(string, start [, length] )
14. What is the error message that you would get if
you try to assign "Null" to an integer variable?

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